Drilling of oil and gas wells

  • Drillmec Land rig 3000HP. Load-carrying capacity – 590 t, power – 3000 hp, top drive ETD-750, maximum drilling depth – 7400 m.
  • SK-3000. Load-carrying capacity – 680 t, power – 3000 hp, top drive GDM-650, maximum drilling depth – 10000 m.
  • SK-2000. Load-carrying capacity – 500 t, power – 3000 hp, top drive NOV TDS-11SA, maximum drilling depth – 7200 m.
  • SK-1000 Super Single. Load-carrying capacity – 225 t. Power – 1000 hp, top drive – ХК-250, maximum drilling depth – 4000 m.
  • SK-1000. Load-carrying capacity – 225 t, power – 1000 hp, maximum drilling depth – 4000 m.
  • Gardner Denver. Load-carrying capacity – 320 t, power 1100 hp, maximum drilling depth – 5000 m.
  • Wilson Mogul 42. Load-carrying capacity – 112 t.
  • Kremco-750. Load-carrying capacity – 116 t.
  • Uralmash 3D. Load-carrying capacity – 320 t.
  • Uralmash 4Е. Load-carrying capacity – 320 t.
  • К200.


Drillmec Land rig 3000HP.JPG

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SAM 7786

SAM 7791

SAM 7796

SAM 7800

SAM 7808

sk1000 01

sk1000 02 1

sk1000 04

Workover rigs

  • Wilson Mogul 42. Load-carrying capacity – 112 t.
  • Kremco-750. Load-carrying capacity – 116 t.
  • Р-80. Load-carrying capacity – 80 t.
  • UPA60А 60/80.  Load-carrying capacity – 80 t.


Верстат УПА-60

Equipment for the well stimulation

  • Nitrogen units


Nitrogen unit NU-500, CAT production (Germany). Mounted on the chassis of Mercedes-Benz truck with off-road capability. Has a capacity for liquid nitrogen volume of 11300 liters. Productivity of the unit up to 80 m3 of gaseous nitrogen per minute, working pressure - 70 mPa.


Also, the Company owns two units that combine aggregates - a nitrogen unit and a pump unit.


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Combined Liquid Unit  HR180NF COMBO produced by NOV Hydra Rig (USA).

The nitrogen part of the unit is equipped with a capacity for liquid nitrogen in the volume of 7.5 m3. Productivity up to 80 m3 of gaseous nitrogen per minute. Working pressure 70 MPa.

The liquid part of the unit is equipped with a triplex pump Pacemaker with two centrifugal pumps, a capacity for liquids of 1.5 m3. Productivity up to 600 liters per minute, working pressure of 70 MPa.


For the first time in Ukraine (June 2018) this unit was used for the stimulation of well № 6 at Zhyravlyna structure of Derkachivsko-Voytenkivska license area, from which the commercial inflow of hydrocarbons was obtained.



  • Coiled tubing unit


Coiled tubing unit HR680CTU produced by NOV Hydra Rig is capable of performing work in wells with a depth of more than 6000 m. Injector with a pulling force of 36 tons. Damped longitudinal pipe with a diameter of 38,1 mm. The operating pressure of the equipment is 70 MPa. Data Acceptance System, Fatigue Analysis of GT, Modeling of GT - MEDCO.

Support and service facility

  • Non-destructive testing services (defectoscopy)
  • Make-up and break-out of tubing and casing pipes
  • Services of hydraulic test of blowout equipment by pressure up to 1050 ATM
  • Services of pipe-cutting, repair and power shops
  • Physico-chemical laboratory






Other services

  • Provision of equipment for service for oil and gas companies - more than 150 units of equipment
  • Preparation of drilling mud and liquids for well jamming
  • Services of well perforation
  • Preparation of drilling fluids and liquids for well jamming. 
  • Use of a powerful park of drilling inventory: HWDP Ø229-89 mm – 2300 m; HWDP Ø114-127 mm – 500 m; drilling pipes Ø73-140 mm – 50000 m; kelly Ø89-133 mm - 30 pcs.

Techniques and technologies used for drilling wells

  • Drilling of deviated wells, the company actively applies rotary-controlled systems and MWD with a hydraulic communication channel
  • Under complex drilling conditions, the company is practicing the addition of LWD logging tools to the bottom of the drill string assembly
  • For drilling, there are layouts that include Dog-sub, PDC bits of the new generation, type AxeBlade, StingBlade, Onyx, Onyx360 and Kymera type
  • Application of modern drilling mud systems that allow drilling wells with presence of overpressured formations (mud weight up to 2,20 g/cm3)
  • The company uses modern mud systems for drilling fluids: Derrick 2000, Derrick SN, DP-626 model and 613, NOV Brandt, МІ SWACO Mongoose Linear Motion Shale Shaker, centrifugal units produced by МІ SWACO
  • The presence and use of a powerful park of a drilling tools: HWDP Ø229-89 mm – 2300 m; HWDP Ø114-127 mm – 500 m; drilling pipes Ø73-140 mm – 50000 m; main drilling pipe Ø89-133 mm - 30 pcs.
  • Use of triplex drilling pumps: F 800, F 1000, F1300, F 1600, PZ-9